9. Analisa dan Desain Sistem Bimbingan Tugas Akhir Berbasis Web dengan Studi Kasus Fakultas Teknologi Informasi

Frederick Constantianus, Bernard Renaldy Suteja


One of the fundamental basic among every Universitys academic regulation is the creation of a final paper. This final paper will then be presented in front of acknowledgeable examinees, whose work are to decide whether a student has the qualification to earn a respective degree. In the developing process of this final project, students will be given a teacher as their tutor, who will guide them to a hopefully well-done pleasing finish. Throughout the process, the tutor will have the utmost position to decide if the student is qualified enough to move ahead on the final presentation. Suffice to say, the process of tutoring is significant and has a big impact to state one students graduation. This paper will explain about the development of a web-based Tutorial System. The goal of this project is to give optional solution to the tutorial process, that will streamlines the effective use of information technology into the system.

Keyword: education, final paper, web-based tutorial system.

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