Aplikasi Tuntunan Shalat Sesuai Mazhab Syafi'i Menggunakan Augmented Reality

Adriadi Karya Anugerah, Youllia Indrawaty N, Rio Korio Utoro


Abstract — Praying is a pillar of Islam that the law is divided into two kinds of Mandatory and Sunnah, many people are not aware of how to perform prayers properly and correctly, prayer education is still conventional only using the book as a guide. Therefore it is necessary alternative learning media using augmented reality technology and applied to mobile android, so the user can learn the guidance of prayer anywhere and anytime. The application of augmented reality technology to the application that the autor builds is based on interactive multimedia, where the user not only read and view the picture, but the user can also see the motion animation along with the sound of the movement prayer and also the user can see the whole movement of prayers from all sides, both from front, side or back. Tests were conducted on 20 respondents with age criteria of 10 until 40 years that 80% respondents have tried the application and agree that the application has an attractive appearance, the information presented is clear, the application is easy to use and responsive and the application is feasible to use.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.28932/jutisi.v4i1.709


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