Sistem Penyeleksi Penerima Bantuan Beras Miskin Kauman Kidul Menggunakan Metode Weighted Product Berbasis Mobile

Christine Dewi


Abstract— The problem of poverty is one of the problems that has not been resolved yet in almost all developing countries such as Indonesia. The problem of poverty also affects the health education, and income. The Government has conducted a various means to overcome the problem of poverty but it still has not been decreased yet because a lot of an error in the distribution of assistance. Decision support system (SPK) is one of the methods to resolve the problem of poverty and an error in the distribution of assistance. Weighted Product methods (WP) is included of category of SPK which very suitable to select many of criteria that has provided by the Government. WP method also gives results that are calculated very accurately and can be called as a method of ranking. This system become the solution and make the distribution of assistance easier for administrative village officers, the system is useful to select acceptance of help poor rice-based mobile.

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