Analisis Kolaborasi Penelitian Ilmiah Dosen Fakultas X dengan Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Hennie Tuhuteru, Ade Iriani


Abstract — This research  aims to understand the patterns of research collaboration used by lectures of Faculty of X based on their published journal, in the local, national and international publisher. The method used to measure the centrality from the Social Network Analysis (SNA)  are degree centrality, closeness centrality, and betweenness centrality. The attributes that were used are study program or department, and Lecturer’s Academic Status. The results of this research are the centrality data from each actor, and the mapping patterns of the network based on the centrality values and the attributes used. In addition, the relationship between actors is also seen based on the attributes that have been determined so as to provide more views on the conclusions of this study. This study confirms that Social Network Analysis (SNA) measurements, is able to find the mapping patterns based on the network mapping occurred in the form of sociogram and the analysis result of sociometry.

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