Perancangan E-Marketplace Sewa-Menyewa sebagai Alternatif Bisnis di Era Digital

David Christian Aditya Gunadi, Teddy Marcus Zakaria


Abstract In everyday needs are often found a need that is needed only some time. This is often a consideration by some circles, especially the middle to bottom who still have many needs that must be met. With the development of internet technology now that influence the sale and purchase or e-business so as to create an e-marketplace market function to bring together sellers and buyers according to the needs of buyers and offer efficiency in the transaction. Hire rents are needed to meet temporary needs, with the aim of being able to help users as tenants and users as owners of goods to increase the price of leased goods. However, because most of the rental services are still manual, while the demand of the community in terms of lease is very large both in terms of goods that are increasingly varied, the ease of the transaction process that can now be obtained online.


Seeing this, this study aims to design an Information System as an Application of Leased Website E-Marketplace Lease Provider which will be made specifically to handle the transaction process. Users in this system can become users as owners and users who hire, while the admin becomes a third party as an intermediary transaction. In addition to structured transactions are also made features that help in the process of grouping goods by category, search of goods, and payment security. This is done with the ultimate goal of all transactions conducted can run easily and smoothly and minimize the disappointment of users as owners and tenants.


Keywordse-marketplace, online rent, application of leased.


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