Sistem Pakar Jenis Ulos di Acara Adat Batak Toba Menggunakan Metode Forward Chaining

Margaretha Yohanna


With the rapid development of technology, the type
of ulos used is an obstacle in the traditional party of Batak
Toba, Ulos is an object used in a traditional activity that is very
important for Batak Toba people. Many types of ulos in Batak
Toba therefore require a long time and ineffective results to
look ulos types that are suitable for traditional activities. An
expert system is a system that attempts to adopt human
knowledge to computers, and one alternative to detect the type
of ulos that will be used for certain customary activities.
Through an expert system, it is easier to detect ulos types that
are suitable for use in these customary activities, and also
requires an accurate identification process to provide the right
decision results. The identification method that used is forward
chaining method. The usefulness of this research is to help
users to access ulos types that are suitable for use in Batak
Toba custom activities.

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