Pengembangan Aplikasi Panduan Pengenalan Kampus Universitas Siliwangi Berbasis Augmented Reality Pada Perangkat Android

Rhoza Prasetia


Siliwangi University annually holds a new
student registration. Before entering the lecture activities,
students are required to follow the student orientation
program. However, the quality of given material, provided
time, with physical and psychological condition of the
students during the orientation become a barrier in the
absorption of campus introduction information. Knowledge
of campus building, the faculty which includes faculty staff,
and available facilities will become the student needs in the
course of support every campus activity. Based on that
identified problems, application of augmented reality-based
introduction guide on Android device become a solution in
campus introduction of Siliwangi University to users, both
for the academic community. The concept of this
application is to introduce the campus buildings through an
installed camera on the user's smartphone. By pointing
smartphone camera to a monumental looking facility or
building, users will get information about the building's
description, lecturers and staff list, and photo gallery. The
application which developed using the Luther-Sutopo
method has been tested by alpha testing which results are
functionally appropriate, as well as on beta testing
obtaining a value of 70.6% of the constructed application is
declared feasible to be used with the "Good" interpretation
according to the Slovin validation level.

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